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Plungės apylinkės teismas


District Court of Plungė (Chambers in Plungė, Kretinga, Palanga, Skuodas) is a general jurisdiction court.

District Court of Plungė is first instance for criminal, civil cases and cases of administrative offences (assigned to its jurisdiction by law), cases assigned to the jurisdiction of mortgage judges, as well as cases relating to the enforcement of decisions and sentences. Judges of a district court also perform the functions of a pre-trial judge, an enforcement judge, as well as other functions assigned to a district court by law.

A court is an institution administering justice and established by law. In pursuance of the fair and impartial court decisions and on purpose to prevent any interference in the court activities the Constitution and the Law on Courts establish that in the administration of justice courts shall be independent from other government institutions, officials, political parties, organisations and other persons. The law prescribes the liability for the interference in the judicial activities.

Court decisions may be reviewed only by courts of the higher instance and only in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law.

The system of courts, their competence, the system of court organisation, activity, administration, as well as the system of autonomy of courts, also the status of judges, their appointment, career, liability and other issues related to the judicial activities are regulated by the Constitution, the Law on Courts and other legal acts.

A court system of the Republic of Lithuania is made up of courts of general jurisdiction and courts of special jurisdiction.

The Supreme Court of Lithuania (1), the Court of Appeal of Lithuania (1), regional courts (5) and district courts (12) are courts of general jurisdiction dealing with civil and criminal cases. District courts also hear cases of administrative offences coming within their jurisdiction by law. The regional courts, the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Lithuania have the Civil Division and the Criminal Division.

The Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania (1) and regional administrative courts (2) are courts of special jurisdiction hearing disputes arising from administrative legal relations.

The Court is a state authority implementing justice in the Republic of Lithuania.

Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania establishes that the courts of the Republic of Lithuania are the Supreme Court of Lithuania, the Court of Appeal of Lithuania, regional courts and district (local) courts.